About the Author

the kindness quilt book author indigo johnson

Indigo Johnson

Indigo is an elementary school teacher who grew up with an immense love for books. She enjoys reading her childhood favourites with her students, and finds joy in teaching lessons that encourage kindness and build a sense of community. 

The Kindness Quilt reflects on the beautiful community of love, support, and kindness that arose around the Shtuka family after Ryan’s disappearance in the small community of Sun Peaks, British Columbia, a short distance from Indigo’s hometown. She joined search efforts and met Ryan’s family in the early days of his disappearance. She continues to be involved in search efforts to this day. Through this immense tragedy, Indigo developed lasting friendships with Ryan’s family and other followers of Ryan’s story. 

The Kindness Quilt began as a university project and developed into the book you see today. Its purpose is to encourage you to offer kindness towards strangers and loved ones, and to share Ryan’s story. 

                    “From the depths of great loss and tragedy, kindness prevails.”

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